Going through a breakup or divorce is a complex, painful and confusing experience. The idea of “moving on” to embrace a fresh start may feel impossible when you’re feeling stuck in the process of grieving the relationship that has ended. You know that you need to move on but your heart is resisting. Friends tell you to “get over it” and that feels like criticism, which makes you feel even worse. You get stuck in the victim position.

Our approach,in counseling, is to offer you guidance and support as you emotionally detach from your Ex while re-harnessing your own worth and power. Experiencing closure for the ended relationship is important, even if validation or closure is not able to be experienced with the partner who is longer in your life. No matter what the circumstances are, we are here to help you not only survive the experience but to thrive in the aftermath of your break up or divorce.

We will help you develop the coping strategies for the intense emotions that surface during this difficult journey; help shine the light ahead as you improve your boundary-setting skills; explore any themes in recurring relationship issues and discuss your attachment style and the messages about relationships in your early childhood. We can also provide support as you brave the world of dating again.